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Wowo's Detailing Products has an extensive range of car care products from their famous Wowo's Crystal Sealant to there powerful Wowo's Hot Wax. This brightly coloured collection isn't just good to look at, its also great to use! Wowo's craftsmanship has given you a combination of great visuals, Great scents and powerful products all rolled into one brand! Wax.On.Wax.Off

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What is Wowo’s Car Care and who are behind this innovative brand?

Wowo’s is originally founded in 2013 in Scotland. It started simple, an idea, a logo and the plan was born.

The mission was simple, create a line of unique and high quality car car products with professional end result but within reach of everyone at home. The majority of car care brands got into dark color labels, and the people behind Wowo’s wanted to flip this and get the fun back into car care and detailing.

So that’s what they did. In June 2016 they’ve launched a broad lineup of products that you’ve never seen before. Designed and Developed from scratch, with catchy colors, and design combined with a captivating scent. That made the whole range stand out in the already crowded detailing marketplace.

They’ve worked hard to ensure that the product performance matched the stunning product appearance. No need to say that the UK detailing industry picked it up very fast and was well recommended by detailer and car cleaning enthusiasts throughout the country. In 2017 and 2018 the brand had been picked up globally where in 2019 we became the official distributor in Europe for Wowo’s car care. And here we are, welcome to Wowo’s Europe.

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