Awesome Foam

Are you looking for a product to foam your car to impress your customers or to get interesting pictures for your social media? Or are you looking for a foam that will also clean the surface you’re using it on? No need to look any further because Wowo’s Awesome Foam will do both. Wowo’s Awesome Foam wil create the best foam you’ll ever seen and it will clean the surface up to certain level but is safe to use with our waxes, sealants and quick detailer. Wowo’s Awesome Foam Smells delicious. Wowo’s Awesome foam is created to be used in a foam lance, or other hand pump foamers like the iK Foam Sprayer.

The dilution ratio for heavy soiling is 5:1 – Unprotected Paint 10:1 – Protected Paint 20:1

Instructions :

– 1. Spray liberally all over the vehicle and allow to dwell and works it magic. Do not allow to dry!
– 2. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with a pressure washer.
– 3. We recommend to follow up with a two bucket wash with Wowo’s Detailers Shampoo.


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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 21 cm

500ml, 5 Lites


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